The Top 7 Golfers as Pokemon Characters

Pokemon Go is a brand new reality game for apple and android mobile devices. Using the device’s internal GPS and camera, the game allows players to battle creatures called Pokemons.

It’s become the hottest mobile app on the market, and recently surpassed Candy Crush Saga as the most popular game of all time.

With all of this buzz, we thought it would be fun to match up Pokemon characters with some of the world’s top ranked golfers, based on performance, traits and skills.

Jason Day



Charizard is an absolute beast with his intense flame that can melt anything. Jason has the fire power to light any course up in flames, especially charged up with the new course record at The Players Championship by 4 strokes.

Jason gained XP slowly throughout the years while still a Charmander, and once he won his first major he evolved to Charmelon, however, the evolution didn’t stop there. His evolution into Charizard occured this spring when he won 3 more PGA Tour events.

Dustin Johnson



Mew is a super rare Pokemon that only a couple of experts have seen. This is true for DJ since we just got our first taste of what he can do once he wins a major.

Mews are known for how adaptive they can be in their environment, which sums up DJ well recently. He takes everything in stride and plays the course that he is provided.

Jordan Spieth



Pikachu is one of the most recognizable and classic characters in Pokémon due to its brilliant yellow color. Likewise, Jordan is a highly recognized player and is known for his classic golf and fashion style.

Pikachu isn’t just all looks because he has an effective attack when threatened. For Jordan to evolve to Riachu, he must prove himself over the long haul which may take some time.

Rory McIlroy



For one of the fittest player on tour, Machoke is a perfect fit for Rory because of their similar training regimens.

Machoke is an impressive physical specimen who wears a belt in order to hold back some of his energy. If that belt was released, it would be unstoppable.

Rory will be unstoppable and may reach the evolution of Machamp if he plays as well as he did during his past winning streak.

Bubba Watson



Beedrill is territorial and will become highly aggressive when it becomes threatened. Bubba is highly observant and works hard to maintain his ranking.

When Beedrill is in attack mode, it moves quickly and stings with its stingers, similar to how Bubba tries to sting his opponents with his drives.

Henrik Stenson



Squirtles are quite accurate and powerful for their size, and although Henrik is above the average height on tour, his skill set resembles that of Squirtle.

With Henrik’s first major title under his belt, he is on his way to gaining more XP. Squirtles are highly effective and evolve rapidly if trained properly, which Henrik is slowly demonstrating.

Rickie Fowler



Ivysaur has a flower on its back that corresponds to sunlight and nutrition, and it uses the sweet aroma from the flower to attract others.

Rickie likes to travel to the Bahamas to soak up the rays and is known for his brightly colored Puma gear.

Ivysaur is a Pokemon character with decent offensive and defensive statistics, but isn’t great in a single area. Rickie has 3 PGA Tour victories, but he has ultimately lacked the offensive power to win a major and break through to a venusaur.

Maddi Kocher

Maddi is a Contributing Writer for Pro Golf Weekly.

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